60 years generating solutions

Experts in forge and stamping


The broad experienced achieved along the more than 60 years of existence of the company has allowed us to develop a wide knowledge base, an extensive network of qualified collaborators to serve different needs, and a work methodology focused on the end-to-end service to our customers.


In order to carry out our production we have various machines that enable us to meet the most specific requirements.

Worth mentioning our partial forging and upsetter-forging technique, which provide speed and savings in manufacturing processes.

Our adaptability and experience allow us to design and manufacture our own tooling, which enables a faster response, project start-up and autonomy in the decision-making process for renewals or changes.


NEW FEPA understands that the steel or metal material used are the basis of a reliable product.

In order to guarantee the specifications required, by using forging processes, we must have a thorough control of the material used, both in composition as well as in characteristics.

Our supplier network enable us traceability, composition, characteristics and origin control, which ensures we provide a reliable product.


New Fepa, with its privileged location has in a radius of less than 25 km an extensive network of qualified and trusted collaborators, with whom we have worked over time, that enable us to deliver different secondary processes or operations to our products and provide end-to-end solutions to our clients.

This proximity and experience guarantees a thorough control of the set of processes applied to pieces, as well as a reduction in the time in between processes and a faster response to any problem or non-compliance.

This close collaboration over time enables us to fully control and guarantee supply which is essential to our clients.